Vital Vialas


  • In 2016 I got a PhD on Bioinformatics (Computational Proteomics) at UCM (Universidad Complutense Madrid)

    The thesis main contribution is the creation of web based tools and databases for large-scale proteomics studies on a yeast species. Here it is: for the brave (some parts are in Spanish)

  • Before that, in 2004, I graduated with a degree in Biology at Universidad de Extremadura

Positions, places

  • Researcher at Statistical Biotechnology group at Science for Life Laboratory. Stockholm, Sweden

    2016-March - 2018-March. 2 yrs

  • Bioinformatics Researcher at National Center for Biotechnology - CSIC, Madrid, Spain

    2014-April - 2014-December. 9 months

  • PhD on Computational Proteomics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

    2007-May - 2014-April 7 years

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