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A Ruby on Rails web app and database to store and visualize Proteomics/Mass Spectrometry results

The Proteopathogen database was a large part of my thesis. It’s a Ruby on Rails web app, to store and visualize proteomics datasets. The results from Mass Spectrometry experiments are usually stored in quite large XML files. Associated to Proteopathogen I also wrote a parser to extract the information from MzIdentML (The XML files containing the list of identified peptides and proteins and all the corresponding information) and scripts to insert the data into the database.

I’m particularly proud of this project because I did everything from scratch. Designing the MySQL database to accomodate this type of complex data was quite challenging but also rewarding. Then I also had quite a lot of fun creating the front. Its mostly haml/sass sprinkled with some jquery like the datatables library and also D3 to visualize mass spectra.